The eye.

 Once upon a time i loved people like nothing else. Tall men, short women, green eyes, smart eyes, shitty eyes, yes i loved all kind of eyes, even those that were closed. It was  always so hurtful healing people's eyes. I could see them burning by sorrow behind that slightest slice of iris, and by staring at their face's large smile i could verify the pain. Yes, pain grows into the eyes that once were wounded and mistreated.
 I never really said anything helpful but i was always there to blame, to step on, to shout and to break so that all kind of bad feelings would become mine. But once i looked them so healthy it didn't matter.  I didn't matter. And now, now i really am the broken one. I look in the mirror  and try to clean my own blurred eyes, and you know what? I don't feel like giving a crap anymore. So i fall and wait someone to catch me. And you know what? This world is full of myselfs. Full of people healing people just for their sake, full of people stealing other people's pain, till they'll too break down. And you know what? That's just not good enough. Now that i see humanity's condom i decided to change and irresponsibly fuck you all cause you deserve me just like i deserve myself.  And you know what? A minute after i stood up on my own two feet once again, i felt the same thing as before : 
  I'll take the blame for all the things that cracked your soul
  to take the glory for saving you from this pathetic slow death

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